Is Working Two Jobs Worth It?

by Broke Grad on June 16, 2009

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra spending money or you’re just trying to make ends meet, many of us have taken on more than one job at some point in our lives. When I was a broke college student, working two jobs was a popular choice within my circle of broke college friends. Back then, I was so eager to get work experience for my resume that you didn’t even have to pay me.

One summer I managed to land a full-time job as well as a part-time unpaid internship. As if juggling two schedules isn’t tricky enough on its own, I worked the graveyard shift for the full-time job. Fortunately, I only had to go in a couple times each week for the part-time gig, and since they weren’t paying me, they were flexible with the scheduling. Getting off at 7 AM from my full-time job turned out to be pretty convenient for making it to morning meetings for the internship.

Even though I’m done with college and grad school now, the broke student mentality has stuck around. I have an awesome full-time job with normal work hours, but I still do work on the side. I’m not struggling to make ends meet, and I don’t really need extra spending money. So why am I working two jobs? Because I enjoy it.

My second job is part-time independent contract work for a company that I worked for one summer during college. Since it’s not related to my full-time job, my second job gives me an opportunity to develop and improve my skills and knowledge in areas that I don’t use in my other job.

One could also argue that this blog is my third job. It’s yet another job, completely unrelated to the other two jobs I have, so I get to explore even more realms of knowledge. I think that’s why I like it so much.

The only downside I can think of to all of this is that there are only 24 hours in a day, so you have to give up some of the time you could have used to do other important things, such as spend time with your friends and family. Like most things in life, the challenge is finding balance.

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