Do You Let Friends Borrow Your Stuff?

by Broke Grad on March 12, 2009

One of my friends recently needed to borrow a computer to type some papers for a class. While I’m usually reluctant to lend out expensive stuff to anyone, I went against my logic and did it anyway. Girls tend to have that effect on guys.

Lending and borrowing can be a tricky business, especially when friends are involved. There’s more at stake than the stuff being lent or borrowed. There’s a friendship, which is usually the most fragile part of the deal.

Have you ever had a friend ask to borrow your car? Your clothes? Your money? I’ve witnessed and experienced plenty of situations like these over the years, and the outcome usually isn’t good. A fender bender, an accidental tear, or a convenient case of selective amnesia is all it takes to destroy what was once a good friendship.

So I let my friend borrow my netbook (with a slight hesitation). A week goes by and everything is fine. My friend tells me that she’ll be done with her papers in one more week, and then she’ll give it back.

The other night, I get a call from my friend at a strange hour. It’s not good. She had somehow managed to fray the power cord, making the power adapter useless. Great.

Fortunately, my friend offered to cover the cost of a replacement power adapter, so I didn’t really have anything to get mad about. (My apologies to those of you who were expecting a more dramatic ending.) It looks like our friendship will survive this netbook borrowing adventure, but I know that not every story has a happy ending.

It’s your turn to share. Do you let friends borrow your stuff? Have your experiences been good or bad?

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