What’s The Best/Worst White Elephant Gift You’ve Ever Received?

by Broke Grad on December 19, 2008

After having my second white elephant gift exchange (a.k.a. Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa) at work the other day, I thought it’d be entertaining to ask everyone to share the best/worst white elephant gifts you’ve ever received.

If you’re not familiar with a white elephant gift exchange, the basic premise is that you’re allowed to steal gifts from each other, which makes it awesome. Everybody plays with slightly different rules, but the outcome is always the same — hilarity ensues.

The best gift I’ve ever ended up with is part of ThunderCats Season One on DVD. Unfortunately, it’s the second half of the season, so I’m still missing the first half.

The worst gift I’ve ended up with is bacon adhesive bandages. Or wait, maybe this is the best gift I’ve ever received, and the other one is the worst.

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