6 Ways A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Saves You Money

by Broke Grad on June 10, 2008

When most people talk about dating and finances, it’s usually about how much money they’re spending on the other person, or maybe I should rephrase that to how much the other person is costing them. Well, I’m here to turn the the tables around. Dating isn’t always about spoiling your significant other. Here are six ways having a boyfriend or girlfriend can actually save you money.

Photo by Chris (archi3d)

1. You learn how to cook.

Love makes us do strange things, including learning how to do things that we may not necessarily be good at or enjoy doing. On the bright side, you learn a valuable skill — cooking. Not only does this impress your boyfriend or girlfriend, it saves you a lot of money, because you don’t have to eat out at expensive restaurants as often anymore.

2. You share.

One of the biggest advantages of dating is that you always have someone to share with when you go out to eat. Since most restaurant portions are huge, it’s usually pretty easy to share a meal between two people, which is a lot less than it would cost to order two full entrees.

3. You take turns paying.

This one definitely depends on the people involved in the relationship. I know there are still people out there who think the guy should always pay for dates. I don’t agree, and I’ve always been lucky enough to find girlfriends who take turns paying for dates. Not only does the relationship feel more balanced that way, it also saves you money (unless you’re a gold digger).

4. You go out less.

This usually starts happening after you’ve been dating for awhile, and things get more serious. Suddenly, you find yourself staying in on Friday and Saturday nights and watching a movie instead of going out with your friends. While your friends may not appreciate this, it’s definitely good for your wallet.

5. You receive gifts.

I might be stretching it with this one, but I’m including it anyway. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend saves you money, because they buy things for you. One could argue that we end up spending just as much money buying gifts for them, but I’m just going to ignore that argument so I can finish this list.

6. You have somebody to keep you in check.

This scenario should sound famililar if you’ve ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend. You’re at the (mall/electronics store) checking out (those new shoes/that new video game), and your (boyfriend/girlfriend) gives you that look and says, “Do you really need that?”

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