6 Reasons Why I Love Cash

by Broke Grad on July 9, 2008

After writing about 6 reasons why I hate cash a couple days ago, I started to wonder if I really do hate cash that much. Cash can’t be that bad, can it? Once I started thinking about it some more, I started to realize that there are quite a few things I do like about cash. In fact, you might even say there are a few things I love about cash.

Lots of cash
Photo by Argenberg

1. The smell.

There’s nothing like the smell of money. It has such a distinct odor, and it’s even thought that out of the five senses, smell is most closely linked to emotion. That may explain why people spend less when they only use cash. Maybe we should start making scented credit/debit cards.

2. The feel.

Soft, tender bills trump cold, rigid credit cards any day. Hmm…how about credit cards that feel and smell like cash?

3. The taste.

Just kidding. I’ve never tasted cash before. It just felt like taste should go next on the list. However, if I did do a taste test between cash and a credit card, I’m pretty sure cash would win by a landslide.

4. The inefficiency.

I remember constantly recounting my tooth fairy money as a little kid. It was absolutely pointless, but it was a ton of fun. There’s a certain charm to cash, because it doesn’t keep track of itself for you. You actually have to sit there and flip through each individual bill to add up how much you have.

5. The mystery.

Unlike debit cards and credit cards, cash doesn’t come with your name on it (unless you write it on there). The cash is yours until you spend it, and then it gets passed along to someone else who will spend it and pass it on to someone else. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who has ever wondered where my cash came from and where it ends up going. Actually, I’m absolutely positive I’m not, because there’s a site called Where’s George? that helps you track your currency. I love the fact that every bill has its own story.

6. All of the above.

Just like combining two colors to make a new color, I’m combining all of the reasons above to make a new reason. Cash is great because you simply don’t get any of the above with credit cards. Cash has more personality. My roommate even carries around a “lucky” two dollar bill in his wallet. When was the last time you heard about someone carrying around a “lucky” credit card?

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