50+ Tips, Ideas, Resources on Saving Money for College Students

by Broke Grad on July 31, 2008

There’s only so much one Broke Grad Student can write about money saving advice for college students in his spare time. Fortunately, there are tens/hundreds/thousands/millions of thousands/millions of other people writing about the exact same thing. The biggest challenge is sorting through all of the crap out there, and finding articles that are actually worth reading. Well, today I’m going to be your crap filter, because here are over 50 great tips, ideas, and resources on saving money for college students (listed in a particularly random order).

  1. Go to College Without Going Into Debt: An Example at Consumerism Commentary
  2. Ten Tips for Realistic Money Management In College – Without The Nonsense at The Simple Dollar
  3. Save Money By Making Your Own Beer at Lazy Man and Money
  4. How To Save Money In College at CampusGrotto
  5. Ask the Readers: Can College Students Save Money? at Get Rich Slowly
  6. 118 Ways to Save Money in College
  7. 7 Ways To Get A College Degree For Less at Moolanomy
  8. 5 Ways to Save Money in College at Grad Money Matters
  9. College Money-Saving Tips at Generation X Finance
  10. Saving Money On My Wife’s College Textbooks at My Two Dollars
  11. 27 Money Tips for College Students at Get Rich Slowly
  12. Cash & College at The Simple Dollar
  13. College Money Matters at Mrs. Micah
  14. Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 18 at beingfrugal.net
  15. Go to College Without Going Into Debt: Impossible? at Consumerism Commentary
  16. 10 Ways for College Students to Cut Costs Where It Counts at Grad Money Matters
  17. How To Stretch Your Money in College and Grad School
  18. College Grad Money Guide at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
  19. Tips on how to save money at That College Kid
  20. College Money Network
  21. 50 Smart and Easy Ways to Save Money in College at Surviving College Life
  22. Save Money Early In The Semester at College Students Rule!
  23. Don’t get over-educated at Mighty Bargain Hunter
  24. Thoughts on Minimizing Debt While in College at fivecentnickel.com
  25. Five Ways to Reduce College Costs at Free Money Finance
  26. 10 Wacky Ways To Eat Cheap In College at My Money Blog
  27. Financial Advice for the High School Graduate at Cash Money Life
  28. If I’d Know Then What I Know Now at Single Guy Money
  29. Best Financial Move in College at plonkee money
  30. My 5 Biggest Money Mistakes at Bible Money Matters
  31. 10 Ways to Reduce College Costs at Free Money Finance
  32. 7 Mistakes I Made When I Went to College at Moolanomy
  33. What I Did Right During College at Mrs. Micah
  34. Money Tips for the Twenty Something Crowd at Cash Money Life
  35. Do not ask and you shall not receive at MFA or Bust
  36. Money Advice for the College Student at Poorer Than You
  37. Getting the Most Financial Aid at Green Panda Treehouse
  38. Why College is CHEAP! at My Money Blog
  39. Free College Tuition To Soothe The Middle Class Pinch at The Digerati Life
  40. College Costs at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge
  41. Debt Payoff at Give Me Back My Five Bucks
  42. 12 Tips for Saving Money in College at Clever Dude
  43. Wise Financial Decisions In College at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…
  44. Top Money Saving Tips for College Freshmen
  45. Save Money on Hobbies at Lazy Man and Money
  46. How To Afford College at LifeSpy
  47. Paying For Education With Cash at Money Crashers
  48. The Benefits of Delayed Gratification at Gather Little By Little
  49. Pragmatic Personal Finance Tips for College Students at An English Major’s Money
  50. How I manage to cut back on dining out costs at Well-Heeled, with a mission
  51. How Do You Save Money On Beer? at Make Love, Not Debt
  52. Looking to Attend College for Free? Try Harvard at The Dough Roller
  53. Some people think there’s only a limited amount of money at I Will Teach You To Be Rich

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