25 Tips, Ideas, Resources on Having Fun for College Students

by Broke Grad on August 20, 2008

In case you haven’t heard, college presidents are seeking debate on lowering the legal drinking age. Personally, I don’t think it will make a significant difference whether it’s lowered or stays the same. Regardless of the legal drinking age, college students share one thing in common — wanting to have fun without going broke. To help college students out, I’ve gathered 25 great tips, ideas, and resources for college students to have fun without having to call home for more money.

  1. Getting in Under 21 at HackCollege
  2. Beer Calculator & 10 Ways To Save On Beer at Personal Finance Advice
  3. Top 10 Homemade Drunk Snacks at Wise Bread
  4. 5 Strategies for Drinking Cheaply at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge
  5. How To Save Money Going Clubbing at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge
  6. Learn Some Easy Tricks Now, Earn Free Drinks Tonight at My Money Blog
  7. Best Drinking Games at CampusGrotto
  8. Brewing Your Own Good Beer on the Cheap at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
  9. Football, Beer and Wings at Generation X Finance
  10. How to Chill Soda and Beer Cans Fast
  11. Sneaky ways to drink beer at Wise Bread
  12. 10 Ways To Maximize Your Beer Value at Personal Finance Advice
  13. 5 Ways to Save on Beer at Financial Learn
  14. Off-campus fun on the cheap at MFA or Bust
  15. How To Make Moonshine at Wise Bread
  16. 5 Inexpensive Ways To Have Fun In College at Money Smart Life
  17. College Sex & Love: Ideas for Fun and Affordable Cheap Dates
  18. College fun on the cheap at WalletPop
  19. Fifteen Fun, Fabulous, Cheap Date Ideas at Surviving College Life
  20. 5 Inexpensive Date Ideas for College Students
  21. 5 Cheap Date Ideas for College Students at Financial Learn
  22. Cheap things to do on a college budget
  23. The College Night Life
  24. Chips and Beer DIY at College Being
  25. Stocking a Bar – Building the $100 Bar at HackCollege

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